Bumper & Mirror scuffs are the most common repairs by far. We've all done it - touched the kerb or a post when parking, or touched mirrors in our narrow lanes.

Chip & Scratch repair can be dealt with in two ways - touching-in (which is not invisible but prevents rusting and makes an improvement to the appearance of the paintwork) or repainting & lacquering which brings the finish back to new.

Upholstery repairs are occasionally needed. Maybe there was damage when you bought the car, or children or animals have attacked the seats! Leather repairs are usually invisible, fabrics can be dramatically improved.

Interior Plastic Trim repairs are usually required because of a cigarette burn or maybe damage following windscreen replacement. Again, it can be difficult to get exact matches on textures and colours (if only manufacturers would standardise!) but most repairs are virtually invisible.

Paintless Dent Removal is performed if there is no damage to the paintwork. Remarkably, it is possible to 'massage' out a dent in a panel leaving the damaged area virtually undetectable. This is a technique which can only be applied in certain cases, but will produce a quick and acceptable repair.

Some dents are difficult to remove - and we may not be able to remove them completely. But we are willing to try if you will let us! If we are unable to make a 70% improvement then we will not charge you unless a prior agreement has been made. If we can make a 70-95% improvement, but you feel that you just can't live with with the imperfection and need a full repair, then we can offer our standard scratch repair service to fill, paint & lacquer the damaged area.

Installing Reversing Sensors - If you've already scraped your bumper, perhaps installing sensors may help to avoid it in future? We can get a good colour match or colour code them for you for a factory style result.

Windscreen repair applies to bulls eyes, stars or cracks caused by a stone hit. Most can be fixed to prevent further cracking and although slightly detectable, it is a form of repair which is acceptable for MOT requirements. Remember, your car will fail its MOT if the damage is in the viewing area.

Installing DashCams in a professional manner ensures that they work correctly. There's no doubt that they can be of help in the event of an accident. In time, we're sure insurers will offer benefits to drivers with cameras installed. We use top quality cameras (not Ebay Chinese imports for £15!) which work as you would hope.

Headlight Glass Refurbishment can be performed where the perspex cover of healights or lenses has deteriorated due to exposure to UV light. Although the damage looks permanent, it can often be improved or removed,

Car phone removal & repair is not so common now with the advent of bluetooth, but phone cradles are often fitted which can leave damage.

Pre Sales Makeover to ensure your car looks its best prior to selling. Service includes fixing main external blemishes and a polish. A recent report by Manheim Auctions shows that poor preparation of your car before sale will affect the price you get Manheim Report

Lease Return In 2017, car leasing companies charged British companies £140,000,000 in penalty recharges*, with some lease companies charging an average of £800 per car for wear and tear. Although many penalty charges are for excessive mileage, often the penalties are for damage which can be easily rectified at a fraction of the cost. CarDoc will check the car for areas requiring attention following the BVRLA guidelines and advise accordingly.

*Source: Fleet News Net FN50