Here is the repair process:

The damage to this Citroen Xsara is on the rear wing, bumper and bumper insert. Scratches have gone down to metal & plastic.

The first job is to sand down the affected areas to see the extent of the damage.

Polyester filler is applied to the scratches. Note also that the light cluster has been removed and the aperture masked. This saves time masking and produces a better job.

The filler is sanded down in preparation for primer. Plastic components are initially sprayed with adhesion promoter which helps the paint stick to the plastic surface. Without this, the paint can peel off.

Next, the area is initially painted with etch primer to ensure any bare metal is properly treated, followed by 2 coats of high build primer so it can be sanded to a smooth surface. I re-use masking paper wherever possible - hence the blue paint from a previous job.

The temporary masking has been removed and the primer sanded ready to accept the paint.

Here is the finished job with all the masking removed. Total timefor the repair - 3 hours.

The paint is applied and blended into the original paint to produce an invisible join. The picture shows the first coat of lacquer already applied.