SMART (Small to Medium Area Repair Technique) is a form of repair suited to small scratches and scrapes that we all suffer at one time or another through no fault of our own. A simple visit to the supermarket car park can result in damage to our beloved cars.

CarDoc can remove or reduce the damage and with insurance excesses frequently exceeding £300, many repairs can be done for less.

Insurance repairs can also be carried out to the appropriate standards. We have full motor trader and public liability insurance.

With a full inventory of colour tints, any colour can be mixed on site provided the car is still in its original factory shade. Non-standard colours may be mixed using our spectrophotometer. Earlier repairs may affect colour matching. Tints are mixed with an accuracy to 100th of a gram!

CarDoc will assess the job and determine what needs to be done. Dents are massaged out and/or filled with fast setting filler, sanded and primed. Colour spraying is blended into the existing paintwork and clear lacquer applied. All paints are water based to protect the environment.